Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

* iBearMoney ($13) allows users to record and track their money flows. All financial transactions can be inputted and connected to certain categories. The data can than be analyzed with various financial reports that can focus on payments, expenses or assets. The application can support multiple cash accounts for separating spending with a debit card, cash or cheques and also includes a series of predefined expense categories.

* Frame It ($1) is a tool that can add photo frames to images directly on an iPhone or iPod touch. Frame It includes an assortment of frames to choose from and each can be resized to properly accent the focus of the image.

* Old Camera ($1) stylizes photos taken with the iPhones camera to appear as though they were taken with an old black and white camera. The application features several different old time effects including a silver toning effect, platinum toning effect, kallitype effect and a sepia toning effect.

* Warranty ($3) lets users create a database of all their devices and the warranties covering each of them. Devices can be grouped together in user definable categories which can then be sorted and searched through. If a devices warranty has expired it will the be highlighted in red acting as a visual queue so users can quickly identify the status of each warranty.

* iPhoneTester ($2) test the performance of the iPhone's processor. The test is done by measuring the floating point mathematical operations per second. This allows users to see if their phones processor is running as it should be. The application includes three tests, a CPU test, a processor test and a CPU benchmark test.


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