Minggu, 17 Mei 2009

Apple will publish the SlingPlayer iPhone app within the next 24 hours, but without any form of 3G support, developer Sling Media is said to have confirmed. The software is designed as extension of the company's Slingbox hardware, which broadcasts TV from a person's home to a remote Internet destination. Using SlingPlayer, people should be able to view streams, change channels and control DVR units.

The finished app can connect only over Wi-Fi however, in what is believed to be a concession to iPhone carrier AT&T. Through its terms of service the company has effectively banned redirecting TV over 3G, a strategy deemed necessary to prevent oversaturing bandwidth. As a consequence however, the range and usefulness of the iPhone app has been substantially diminished.

SlingPlayer Mobile will sell for $30 at the App Store, and officially support the Slingbox PRO, SOLO and PRO-HD. Older hardware is also said to be compatible, but not officially supported.


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