Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

Griffin (Booth No. 1902 S) announced a slew of new of new iPod and iPhone products at Macworld today, launching twelve new items, including its new sound-isolating bluetooth headset, covered earlier today on MacNN. Launched today were the TuneFlex AUX, an iPod car system with a steering wheel remote, an iTrip for iPod nano 4G, TuneBuds Fit, a new headphone set, and the new PowerBlock Reserve and PowerJolt Reserve, which power iPods via home outlets and car power, respectively, and include an external battery for mobile use with the iPod. Also announced were the SmartShare USB, a USB Splitter, the Noise-Reducing Audio Cable, TuneJuice, a AAA-battery powered iPod charger, the Charge Converter FireWire-to-USB cable, Navigate, an FM transmitter for the iPod that can control both iPods and iPhones so they can be stored during travel, and Elan Form Chrome, a chrome-plated iPhone case.

The TuneFlex AUX combo includes a mount with a flexible neck, a remote control for the steering wheel, a charger and an AUX-in cable for connecting the iPod/iPhone to the car stereo. The TuneFlex will ship in January for $80. The iTrip for iPod nano 4G is styled to fit the newest iPod nano and brodcasts FM o a car or other FM receiver. The iTrip will ship in February for $50.

TuneBuds Fit are in ear headphones with an anatomical design, featuring aluminum shells and 10mm drivers. They arrive with 3 sets of ear cushions and will be available in February for $50. The PowerBlock Reserve and PowerJolt Reserve each feature an external lithium-ion battery pack that recharges in parallel with an iPod or iPhone. The external pack can be removed (it attaches magnetically) along with the iPod for travel as an external battery and the battery can be interchanged between the PowerBlock and PowerJolt powerpacks. The two chargers will each retail for $40 and are expected in stores in April 2009.

The SmartShare USB splits one USB port into two USB lines with power and data feeds. It works with any machine but was made with the MacBook Air in mind, allowing two USB connections to the otherwise single, recessed port. It ships in January for $20. The Noise-Reducing Audio eliminates interference from ungrounded car stereos, and reduces hum as well. It has a six-foot cable and a 1/8th-inch stereo mini-jack. It ships in February for $20.

TuneJuice for iPhone and iPod uses four AAA batteries for power, allowing for access to a worldwide standard battery for iPod power in the field. It works with most every dock-connector iPod and offers 24-hours of music, six hours of video or two hours of talk time. It ships in January for $30. The Charge Converter (FireWire to USB) works with legacy chargers, adapting them to charge the iPhone 3G and 2008 iPods. It ships in January for $30.

Navigate is an inline controller for connecting an iPhone of iPod touch to a car stereo via FM transmission. It arrives with an iFM app for the iPhone and iPod touch for navigating FM radio. The app has support for Mediaguide's airplay metadata for FM content tracking. The controller has its own interface for use with the iPod or iPhone hidden away. It ships today for $60.

The Elan Form Chrome for iPhone 3G combines Chrome and black leather in a clipless case built around a polycarbonate shell. It includes a screen protector and ships in January for $35.


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