Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

JVC on Wednesday rolled out the second wave of its TeleDock hybrid TVs as well as a raft of conventional mid-size sets. The 42- and 46-inch P500, as well as the 32-, 42- and 46-inch P300 all improve the TeleDock formula by significantly expanding the functions of the built-in iPod dock. Apple devices connected to the TV can now show their music and video title and other information directly on the screen and can play music even while watching regular TV content or browsing media stored on the set's TV port.

It also works more tightly with attached PCs and can sync an iPod if the PC is connected over USB; starting the PC itself can also turn the TV on.

All five TeleDock sets output at 1080p and through 10W built-in speakers. They similarly carry three HDMI inputs, two each of component and S-video, and one each for RCA and VGA. JVC doesn't list their pricing but plans to ship the collection in April.

Four regular sets in the J300 line at 32, 42, 46 and 52 inches have also been added and share a new cabinet design as well as a Smart Picture feature that auto-tunes brightness levels. They share the same 1080p resolution and inputs as the TeleDock models but will largely ship earlier, with all but the 52-inch set shipping in March. The largest model is scheduled to appear in August.


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