Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

Electronics builder Memorex has announced a collection of new audio-video systems, generally focused around support for Apple handhelds. The Mi9490P is nominally a slot-loading CD player with an FM radio, but also features a dock on top which supports both iPods and iPhones. Output is rated at 30W, and the stereo also features an LCD with track display and adjustable equalizer settings. A related system is the Mi4290P, an alarm clock. Though it drops the CD player and equalizer, and is capable of just 10W of output, the clock retains an FM tuner and LCD display along with support for iPods and iPhones. Dual alarms allow couples to wake at different times.

The Mi2290 is a portable, iPod-only alarm clock, capable of running off an AC adapter or 10 hours of battery power. It folds for easier carrying, and comes with its own sleeve.

For normal iPod listening Memorex has produced the EB50 and CB25 EarBuds. The former is a pair of in-ear headphones, sold in blue, green and pink metallic colors. The CB25s are conventional earbuds, with optional blue, green, black and orange colors.

The company has also produced the SimpleSurround SoundBar, which emulates surround sound while using only 2.1 channels. Though its dock is also limited to iPods, the SoundBar further incorporates a DVD player with HDMI output, as well as an FM tuner and slots for SD, MMC and USB media. If not on an iPod, supported file playback is limited to MP3 and Windows Media.

The one announcement unrelated to Apple is the MVBD-2520, a Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player with 1080p upconversion and Internet access through an Ethernet port. It can handle both 24 and 60p playback, and supports HD audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. Like the SoundBar, MP3 and WMA audio can be played using SD and USB media, or else files burned to an optical disc.

All of the Mi-series devices are expected to ship in the first quarter, at prices ranging between $60 and $140. The EarBuds are due in the same timeframe, at cost of $20 for the EB50s and $10 for the CB25s. The SoundBar and MVBD-2520 are both slated to cost $200, though the former will arrive in April, with the latter shipping in early summer.



[SimpleSurround SoundBar]


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