Minggu, 17 Mei 2009

* inTouch ($3) is a tool that allows users to categorize their contacts by time zone and create custom timelines of a contacts availability. Users can enter a contacts information including name, phone number, address, etc. and also add information on the contacts time zone and hours of availability. Contacts will then be tagged with icons that indicate if the contact is available (green), about to become unavailable (yellow), or unavailable (red). This allows users to quickly see which of their contacts are currently available based on their daily schedule.

* Holiday Countdown ($1) allows users to see the next 25 upcoming US holidays and how long until each. The application also includes additional information on each holiday such as the day of the week it will occur, a description, a brief history and future dates of the holiday. Users can also add up to 200 of their own custom events such as birthdays and anniversaries. Custom events can also be set to recur weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly, meaning users only have to enter an event once.

* Mercury ($3) is capable of displaying up to the minute temperature and conditions, forecasted temperatures, and precise sunrise and sunset information for any location in the world. The application uses a circular interface that layers the current temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, a colored representation, and atmospheric conditions. More detailed forecasts can also be obtained by bringing up the details page which gathers information from WeatherBug.

* Terminator: Salvation ($10) puts players in the role of John Conner, the leader of the Resistance, in a post-apocalyptic 2018. The game is a third person shooter that has been based on the upcoming Terminator movie. Players can choose from four different control layouts, each which takes advantage of the iPhone and iPod touches capabilities. Players will find 6 different weapons to use in the game to help fend of the 11 different enemies they will face across the games 8 levels.

* Rockstar ($2) lets users take a portrait picture from their photo album or with their iPhone camera and dress someone up like a rockstar with a variety of wigs, facial hair, jewelry and other accessories. There are also a selection of locals that players can use for the background of their image. The finished images can then be saved to the photo album, mailed to friends or posted on Twitter.


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