Minggu, 17 Mei 2009

In airing a new video, Microsoft has expanded its ad competition with Apple to encompass music support. The ad specifically targets the iTunes Store, and relies on a financial speaker named Wes Moss to criticize the value of buying tracks outright instead of subscribing to a service like the Zune Pass. At 120GB, claims Moss, the full-sized version of the iPod classic would cost roughly $30,000 to fill when using the iTunes Store.

The Zune Pass, by contrast, costs $15 a month, and lets users download an unlimited number of tracks. The ad does not mention however that subscribers can only permanently keep 10 tracks a month, and that any track not chosen to keep is lost should a person unsubscribe. The latter music can also be synced only to Zune players.

Microsoft advertising has become intensely focused on Apple in recent months, a delayed response to Apple's long history of anti-Windows campaigning. The spearhead in Microsoft efforts has been the Laptop Hunters series of TV spots, which observe that comparatively-equipped PC notebooks are frequently cheaper than MacBooks. The company has been slowly eroding computer marketshare to Apple during the past several years.


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