Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

* Escape ($3) is a port of the classic 2D puzzle game originally programmed for the uDevGames 2002 Macintosh programming contest. In Escape the player users bombs, teleporting pads, push blocks, keys, cannons, traps, and more to solve various puzzles. Players must also avoid various obstacles such as shooters and guards while working towards the end. The iPhone port is a complete replica of the original with no features left out.

* Brain Surge! ($3) is a mix of challenging games suitable for players of all ages. The games are a range of mind stretching puzzles that are designed to keep the brain active and sharpen visual, memory, computing and logic skills. Brain Surge! includes 13 different brain training games, 4 different game modes and support for up to 4 players.

* iPump Free Workout! (free) is part of a series of apps released by PumpOne designed to help users learn to properly perform workouts without needing to pay for a personal trainer. iPump Workout! contains two total body workouts that target all the major muscle groups in the body. The application also includes a sample exercise from each of the other 19 apps that are currently available.

* Keynote Remote ($1) is the official remote application from Apple that can be used to control Keynote presentations. The application works in both landscape and portrait modes, each displaying a different layout of information. In portrait mode users can see their notes and the current slide while the landscape orientation shows the current and next slides. The app can also progress through slides by swiping across the devices screen.

* iHandy Level Free (free) is one of the tools from the iHandy Carpenter tool kit. The application shows a standard bubble level in the middle of the screen and uses the iPhones accelerometer to detect position. The level can be fully calibrated allowing users to ensure that it remains accurate and reliable.


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