Minggu, 17 Mei 2009

* RunningTotal ($2) allows users to track their finances directly on an iPhone or iPod touch. Multiple accounts can be set up such as debit card accounts, checking accounts, and credit cards, and can all be tracked simultaneously. Whenever a transaction occurs a user can add the amount to the proper account and include a brief description. Users can then view the summary of an account from the home screen and compare credit card usage to its limit.

* Face Fun ($3) features a face detection feature that can automatically recognize faces in an image. Once a face has been detected users can select from one of the included images to place the face in. This allows users to place their face or the face of a friend into an image that depicts an artist painting it or an image that makes the face look like a puzzle.

* German Course ($5) is designed to help people learn German by using a series short lessons created by Judith Mayer, the host of GermanPod101. The application currently includes 25 short lessons that use a combination of both audio and visuals to help the learning process but the developers plan to expand this to 50 lessons soon. The lessons are designed for people with no knowledge of German and cover basics such as numbers, greetings and pronunciation.

* News Pro (free) lets iPhone and iPod touch users access content from Thomson Reuters including the latest news, an updated stream of photographs, video coverage, financial charting, customized market data and company profiles. The application can locate a user and then present news that is relevant to that area of the world and includes a customizable watch list that can be used to monitor stocks.

* Postage ($3) is a tool for creating electronic postcards on the iPhone and iPod touch. Users can import their own photos and add them to the included postcard designs along with personalized messages. The application includes more than 50 different postcard layouts and allows users to pan, zoom, rotate and add effects to their photos.


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