Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

Some unexpected factors could play into tomorrow's scheduled iPod event, argues Piper Jaffray. The research firm suggests for instance that it is unclear if Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be presenting, even though he usually does so; such speculation is based on ongoing rumors of ill health, originally sparked by a gaunt appearance at June's WWDC meeting. Piper says it is "confident" that Jobs will appear, however, in a move that could reassure nervous investors.

It also suggested that Apple may release a hardware update for the Apple TV, implementing features such as DVR functionality, which would place the set-top in competition with products like TiVo. Apple may also be interested in releasing audio accessories such as wireless speakers, but both this and the Apple TV upgrade are categorized as "unlikely wildcards."

Believed to be more certain are redesigned Nanos and Touches, and new capacities matched with lower prices for the Classic and Shuffle. It is also expected that Apple will not announce new MacBooks tomorrow, though a redesign is considered overdue, and may be revealed sometime this fall.


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