Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

Snapture Labs has recently introduced its prototype SnaptureFlash hardware add-on for the original iPhone, letting the popular cell phone light up a dark scene for capturing photos. Snapture has traditionally offered software for the iPhone designed to enhance the device's photo-capturing capabilities and the SnaptureFlash is the company's first foray into manufacturing hardware. The piece doubles as a case, and includes an LED light in addition to the Xenon flash bulb to light up video scenes � a feat made capable by Snapture software.

The SnaptureFlash device only works with a jailbroken iPhone as it requires that the phone sends a trigger signal. The device runs off the iPhone's battery. Currently undergoing the patent process, the SnaptureFlash is still far from production, as the company is looking for a manufacturing partner for the device. As such, no pricing or release information is yet known. [via Wired]


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