Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

* Voice Dialer (free) is a voice dialing application for the iPhone that allows users to search through their contact book using voice commands. Users press and hold the onscreen button, then speak a name and command such as "call." After a contact has been found, users can choose to call, e-mail or send a text message to the person. If an address is associated with the contact, a map of that location can also be displayed.

* Units calc ($1) is a unit converter that allows users to convert values such as temperature, mass, length, area, volume, pressure, power, energy and time. The application allows users to customize the interface with the conversions they use most. Negative values or exponents can be included when entering data.

* DaysFrom Date Calculator ($1) allows users to determine a date running into the future or past. For people whose work requires them to pinpoint dates a specific distance from the present, the app helps to identify them without working them out by hand. Users start with a reference date to begin the count from, and then entering the amount of time to elapse.

* iCam ($5) allows users to stream up to four live webcam video feeds to their iPhone or iPod touch, over any Internet connection. After users set up the related desktop application, they can select the sources they want to stream to their device. The handheld app currently has no sound support, but the developers are working on a solution and hope to update the software with the functionality.

* MemoCar ($2) lets users organize all of the information relevant to each of their vehicles. People can add information about when maintenance was performed and what problems were addressed, as well as keep insurance information. The information is said to be useful when in an accident, experiencing a breakdown, or when trying to manage a fleet of vehicles.


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