Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

Adding to the confusion surrounding the rumors of an iPhone "nano," images have surfaced that suggest the unconfirmed devices have already been replicated by knockoff manufacturers, according to AppleInsider. The fakes are built with a smaller form-factor than the iPhone 3G and even include Apple logos on the back panel. When the devices are turned on, the menu layout is similar to the genuine interface and several icons have been directly copied.

The rumors have been fueled by images of an XSKN case released for the iPhone nano, with dimensions roughly 20 percent shorter and slightly thinner than the 3G model. The company had accurately predicted the current iPod touch and Nano devices before any formal announcement by Apple.

The XSKN rendering shows the home button nestled against the touchscreen, while the replicas are built with the control placed further down. If the device does exist and the case-maker has accurately modeled its features, buyers could potentially use the discrepancy to differentiate knockoffs.


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