Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

* Babelingo Travel Phrases ($6) is a language translation tool for the iPhone and iPod touch that contains more than 300 useful phrases and words. Babelingo can translate to and from 10 different languages, including English, Spanish, French and Japanese. Each category, phrase, word and screen can be presented in any of the supported languages. Users may add commonly used phrases to a favorites list or perform searches for phrases using key words.

* iCompta ($6) is an application that helps users to manage their personal accounts. Users can track income and expenses, schedule their bills and stay within their budget. The balance of the account can be displayed in a graph form that will show trends and can even include a forecast for the next few months.

* iDrum: Ministry of Sound Anthems ($6) lets users create drum beats using iDrum kits that emulate some of the greatest anthems in club history. The beat can then be mixed with over 300 different samples allowing users to create their own musical masterpieces. The interface lets users build the beats layer by layer by tapping areas on the touchscreen or with simple shapes and color combinations that allow users to visualize the rhythm.

* Photo Brush ($1) is a tool for drawing on photos stored on an iPhone or iPod touch. The application includes several different brush designs that allow users to easily add things like balloons, confetti, snow and ornaments to their photos. Finished photos can be saved to the devices photo library or emailed to friends and family.

* Stage Hand ($8) lets users control their Keynote presentations from their iPhone or iPod touch. When in portrait mode the application shows users their notes for the current slide and when rotated to landscape the currently displayed slide can be seen. The slide preview also allows users to draw an audiences attention to certain points with the Stage Hand highlighter. By tapping on the devices screen that area of the slide will be highlighted in the actual presentation with a user chosen graphic or color.


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