Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

iTunes 8 may be causing "blue screen of death" crashes within Windows Vista, according to various users. Some visitors to Apple's support forums complain that when they attempt to plug an iPod or iPhone into a PC, their systems crash immediately, forcing a reboot. iTunes is believed to be responsible mainly due to the timing of the crashes, and a Vista error message, referencing an Apple-supplied USB driver. "I think it's safe to say then that either Apple's USB driver shipped with iTunes 8 is broken on Vista, or it's causing a problem with some other common Vista driver," claims one user.

Although some have avoided BSOD errors by unplugging other USB devices, problems persist for other people, despite their removing virtually every USB device, and attempting fresh installs of the software.

iTunes has generated problems for Windows Vista users in the past, most notably when running on the 64-bit edition of the OS, which has long had compatibility issues. Most recently the v7.7 update produced BSOD crashes for 64-bit users, but the new error affects 32-bit systems as well.


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