Rabu, 03 September 2008

Smoothstone has announced a mobile version of its Smoothstone IP Communications phone-management system for the iPhone and iPod touch. Smoothstone's Intelligent Call Control (ICC) suite, an enterprise-level call-center management system, now communicates with the iPhone. It allows managers to arrange call queues over multiple locations, reroute calls to different agents or call centers and transfer calls via drag-and-drop. Users can also track call statistics and analyze activity and performance. Recording and reviewing client calls will also be possible over the iPhone interface.

The ICC suite is scalable and priced according to client size. The new iPhone application will allow clients remote access and management of the system over a secure connection. Jeff Wellemeyer, Smoothstone's Chief Technology Officer said "Our new mobile ICC solution frees call center managers and executives from their workstations, so they can manage critical issues wherever they are." The ICC iPhone client will require iPhone 2.0 software or higher.


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