Rabu, 03 September 2008

Pearworks today announced its new app, pearPad, designed to allow an iPhone to be used as a remote trackpad or keyboard for the user's Mac. Swipe gestures are also supported for software such as Aperture. Mouse cursor position, scrolling, text entry, and key combinations can all be controlled by the phone and output to an application run on the Mac, pearPad Remote. Once the software is installed and activated on the Mac, the iPhone app will automatically find the computer on the network with Bonjour.

PearPad on the iPhone does not receive information from or show the screen of the Mac, it is only a one-way process. The connection used is not secure, so it is not ideal for sensitive computing areas. PearPad is available from iTunes for $4 and pearPad Remote is available from Pearworks for free download.


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