Minggu, 14 September 2008

Size specifications for two new iPods have been revealed, an alleged leak suggests. The first set is for the widely-rumored fourth-generation Nano, and appears to back the belief that the Nano will return to a tall and narrow shape, eschewing the shorter and "fatter" dimensions of the third-generation player. It is believed however to measure 90.75x38.75x6.08mm, slightly taller and thicker than the second-gen Nano, if smaller in terms of width. The second-gen player measured 90x40x6.5mm.

Also leaked are plans for a second-generation Touch, said to have been altered to resemble the iPhone 3G. This is evidenced mainly by the tapered back, but also by what may be volume controls on the side, a departure from the nearly buttonless first-gen version. The new player is also claimed to be larger than its predecessor in most respects, measuring 111x61.8x8.4mm instead of 110x61.8x8.4mm; it would still be smaller than the iPhone 3G though, which rates at 115.5x62.1x12.3mm.


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