Rabu, 03 September 2008

Apple has banned the comic book iPhone app Murderdrome, its creators claim. This adds to a growing list of titles that have been banned from the App Store for one reason or another, including Tetris clone Tris, lightsaber emulator PhoneSaber, and the "bling" app I Am Rich. Apple has used a variety of reasons for each pull, this time the iPhone SDK's assertion that content cannot offend Apple's "reasonable" sensibilities.

Infurious claims it would like to work with Apple to create a ratings system, which would allow apps that are "no more offensive than many of the R rated films available to download on iTunes."

The Infurious blog has garnered a range of reactions; the bulk of posters have called for Apple to reverse its stance, or follow the ratings system suggestion. None appear to support Apple's view. "this is ridiculous that this has been banned," says one poster. "the content is comic violence, with no use of serious language and no sign of anything else that would be offensive." Another comments that it "seems entirely unfair that Apple are being so inconsistent about censorship. So I can pay for and download a blackly humorous cartoon or a movie full of stylized violence, but not a similarly themed comicbook?"


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