Minggu, 14 September 2008

Slovenia-based Gorenje used IFA to introduce the first refrigerator to feature an iPod and iPhone dock. The product is officially endorsed by Apple, and offers a docking port that will stream music from the personal Apple devices. In addition to playing the content of and charging the devices, users who plug their Wi-Fi-equipped iPhones or iPod Touch devices into the dock will be able to control their appliances' operation via a network and the iGorenj software.

Despite the name, the software not only works with the Apple devices, but other wireless Internet capable devices such as smart phones and PCs. Gorenje promises to soon reveal more kitchen appliances compatible with the software, allowing users to, for example, set oven temperatures remotely to preheat the oven before reaching home. The software will also include links to recipes and tips on everything from cooking to washing your clothes.

There is no information on pricing or more detailed release information on the Gorenje made for iPod refrigerator. [via T3]


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