Minggu, 14 September 2008

Following the release of new iPod nano, touch and classic models yesterday, Belkin has announced a series of new accessories for each player. The Sports Armband and Sport Armband Plus were made to allow users to quickly attach an iPod to their arm. The Plus version features a FastFit system, which allows one-handed fastening. Both products are compatible with Nike+, and are available for the Nano 4G, Touch 2G and Classic 2G at a price of $30.

The Clear Acrylic Case can be purchased for the same models, with versions molded to fit their respective device. Prices vary; the Nano version costs $25, while the Touch and Classic models cost $30.

The Remix Metal has been designed solely for the Nano 4G and Classic 2G, costing $25 or $30, respectively. It features a metal faceplate molded to the shape of the device, and provides clickwheel protection as well as a choice of four different colors: red, silver, pink and black.

The Sonic Wave Two-Tone Silicone Sleeve is available for all three of the new iPods, and features a two-tone, laser-etched design on a form-fitting silicone enclosure. The case also allows the device to be charged without the need to remove it, and is available in several color options: black/infrared, cool gray/grapefruit, pink/translucent white, black/blue, black/green, black/white and blue/orange. The case costs $20 for the Nano model, $25 for the Touch and $30 for the Classic.

The regular Sonic Wave Silicone Sleeve is similar to its sibling, but features only one color. The cases are sold in packs, each pack includes two different colored cases: black and white, pink and purple or red and grey. The packs cost $20 for each iPod model.

Another silicone option is the Simple Silicone Sleeve, which removes the laser etching and gives users a solid-color casing. The Simple is also sold in packs of two, the Nano models being priced at $15, while the Touch and Classic models cost $20. Color options include black and black, black and blue, pink and translucent as well as red and gray.

A Leather Sleeve has also been designed to fit all of the new iPods. The sleeve has a soft microfiber lining, and additionally allows full use of the iPod while in its case. The Leather Sleeve is available at a cost of $25 for the Nano model, or $30 for the Touch and Classic editions. Color options include black and pink, or in "eco-conscious" options that are vegetable-tanned rather than chemically stained, black and walnut.

A Leather Folio is being released for the Nano and Touch, which fully encloses an iPod in a leather case but has a flap on the font that can be opened for access. The case is available in black or pink, or again in eco-friendly models that come in black or walnut. The case sells for $25 or $30, respectively.

The Leather Pull-Tab Holster is intended for the Touch and Classic, and encloses an iPod while sealing it with a pull tab on top. The case is available for $30 for both players.

Belkin is also releasing screen overlays for all of the new iPod models, in packs of three. The overlays will cost $13 for the Nano, and $15 for the Touch and Classic.

All of these products will become available mid-September.

Sports Armband

Sport Armband Plus

Clear Acrylic Case

Remix Metal

Sonic Wave Two-Tone Silicone Sleeve

Sonic Wave Silicone Sleeve

Simple Silicone Sleeve

Leather Sleeve

Eco-Conscious Sleeve

Leather Folio

Eco-Conscious Folio

Leather Pull-Tab Holster


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