Rabu, 03 September 2008

After a great deal of public focus, Canada's Rogers Wireless has revealed that, despite the scrutiny the company's data plans see, 95-percent of iPhone customers have used less than 10-percent of their data plan. The news comes after Rogers was blasted for not including unlimited data like with AT&T in the US, according to The Globe and Mail. The figures surprise Rogers executives, who have said that the sold quantity of iPhones is "well into the six figures."

According to the figures, 95-percent of users ate up less than half a gigabyte, with 91-percent using less than 200MB. Out of all iPhone customers, only one allegedly went over 6GB of transfer.

On October 1st, Rogers will commence a new data strategy, removing the 6GB cap and instead offering 1GB for $30. It will also offer a $25 500MB plan for the majority of its users, with options for a $50 2GB plan, $60 for 3GB, and $80 for 8GB.

In addition, Rogers is implementing several new features to its data plans to ease customers' minds with accruing extraneous data charges. Data plans offered after October 1st will feature three months of unlimited access, allowing customers to gauge data usage. Text messages will be sent in subsequent months when users approach and exceed their allotments, and data charges will peak at $100, regardless of overage.


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