Minggu, 14 September 2008

Apple has announced the release of iTunes 8, the latest version of its music software for Macs and PCs. Features in the new software include "Genius" playlists, which automatically match songs thought to go together. iTunes can also recommend tracks to buy via a sidebar, and recommendations will be based on anonymous uploads of user data, meant to gradually improve the accuracy of what shoppers are offered in the future.

Another feature of the update is a grid-based album browsing view, an alternative to CoverFlow which lets users sort by criteria such as artist.

The announcement brings with it the availability of HD TV episodes through the US iTunes Store, where people were previously restricted to near-DVD quality. Notable in the debut is the return of NBC, which had previously deserted iTunes on the basis of conflicts over pricing. The network has since provided shows for other iTunes storefronts however, such as the UK. HD TV shows are priced $2.99 each.

[Photo courtesy of Gizmodo]


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