Minggu, 03 Agustus 2008

Ever since T-Mobile spent more than $4 billion on new spectrum in September 2006, its U.S. users have been waiting in vain for 3G services. T-Mobile likes to tell its subscribers that its upgrading its nationwide network, and subscribers may see the results on Oct. 1.

Thats the word from unofficial T-Mobile user site TmoNews.com, which posted a sign said to be from a T-Mobile meeting announcing the Oct. 1 debut. The company is the fourth-largest cell phone service provider in the United States, and offering faster 3G service will boost its competitive status against the top three, all of whom already boast of 3G networks.

T-Mobile has been adding subscribers at a rapid clip anyway, and 3G presumably would help it add even more.

T-Mobile has already launched the UMTS/HSDPA network in New York City. The October rollout is said to include 27 major cities, including Philadelphia; Miami; Washington, D.C.; Seattle; and Los Angeles.

Late last month, T-Mobile moved to add spectrum in a bandwidth purchase from NextWave Wireless. If approved by the FCC, the $150 million deal will let T-Mobile expand its network.

T-Mobile has said it expects its high-speed data network will be available by the end of the year in cities where most of its subscribers already use data services. The company also has been deploying its HotSpot Wi-Fi network that likewise appeals to data users.

Earlier, Cole Brodman, T-Mobile USAs chief development officer, said the U.S. operation, owned by Germanys Deutsche Telekom, has benefited from experience gained in 3G European markets. "The launch of our 3G network comes at a time when 3G phones and services are more affordable, capable, and appealing."

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