Rabu, 20 Agustus 2008

Vodafone on Tuesday announced official pricing and availability information for the iPhone in India, offering the device starting at an astonishing Rs 31,000 (~$715) for the 8GB model, or Rs 36100 (~$830) for the 16GB. Vodafone is offering potential customers a chance to own the device "before others do", by placing a Rs 10,000 (~$230) deposit, allowing them to book a specific time for their purchase and setup for the launch on August 22nd.

Since India has not settled the auction of the 3G airwaves, Vodafone will be deploying the iPhone 3G on its GPRS network, but will still offer WiFi access and GPS connectivity.

The announcement comes ahead of official word from Bharti Airtel, India's other wireless provider, which will also be offering the iPhone 3G on a GPRS network.


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