Rabu, 20 Agustus 2008

First-generation iPod nanos may have potentially serious faults, accounts suggest. One owner reports that his Nano was recently plugged into his notebook, and after about 10 minutes of charging, began to emit a sizzling sound. The Nano then exploded open, spewing sparks and smoke. The iPod was immediately unplugged and moved to a safer place, where it continued to smoke and spark. The issue has been reported to Apple's customer service, but is awaiting an official response and plan of action.

Other users have reported similar problems with first-gen Nanos. Although Apple has yet to disclose how common the flaw may be, if an iPod were to explode in the wrong situation, it could cause serious damage. An explosion overnight, for example, could result in an unchecked fire. If a player were to explode on a plane, it could cause panic among passengers worried about terrorism.


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