Selasa, 12 Agustus 2008

Motorola's direct challenger to the iPhone won't be the traditional Alexander, says a leak from BGR. The American company is now said to be developing a sister device, codenamed the "Atila," that drops the hardware keyboard entirely in favor of a touchscreen design. It would continue to use Windows Mobile 6.1 but would be Motorola's first ever device to support 3G cellular data over tri-band HSPA that would not only allow it to work in all HSPA areas but to support faster 7.2Mbps downloads and 1.8Mbps uploads.

Few other details are known about Atila, though it will allegedly support Wi-Fi and use a relatively low-resolution 320x240, 2.8-inch touch display. A center control suggests hardware directional control may be possible in place of touch.

The handset is so far only known to exist through a rough presentation shot and may still be several months away from completion; the less complex Alexander isn't anticipated to ship until roughly October and may not be accompanied by any separate devices.


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