Rabu, 20 Agustus 2008

Memorex hopes to push down the cost of iPod-aware clock radios today with two relative budget models. The iWakeUp is the range leader with a relatively streamlined look and the most advanced features, including dual alarms for weekdays versus weekends and a sound enhancer for its more powerful speakers. Like many iPod-ready radios, it can also set the alarms to trigger either the iPod itself, an AM or FM radio station, or a buzzer. The device is compatible with most all dockable iPods up to the iPod touch, though the company shows an iPhone in the dock and hints at possible support for at least Airplane Mode. The iWakeUp sells today for $70 in black and white versions.

A simpler Mi4019 radio drops the larger speakers and dual alarms of its larger relative but takes up less space and has a flip door to hide the buttons and the iPod dock when they aren't in use. The AM/FM tuning and multi-source alarm are still in place, as is compatibility up to the iPod touch. The reduced feature set helps Memorex reach a $40 price for the basic system, which also ships today and comes in black, pink, and white.




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