Selasa, 12 Agustus 2008

After a recent patch ruined unlocking efforts on the v2.0 iPhone operating system, a new card is allegedly allowing users to use alternate carriers on the iPhone 3G, called SIMable. Blogger Pat Phelan on Monday posted a clip of an unlocked iPhone 3G running on the Vodafone network in Ireland, after supposedly running SIMable on the otherwise-unmodified device. Phelan is running small giveaway of the application, but notes that the developer does not guarantee its performance.

The venerable iPhone Dev Team in early August revealed that users who are interested in using the famous PwnageTool to unlock their iPhone 3Gs should hold off updating to the v2.0.1 operating system update. Apple was cited as having made large changes to the baseband firmware, preventing the PwnageTool from removing carrier restrictions.


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