Kamis, 14 Agustus 2008

Inspired Arts and Media is out with an iPhone app that helps voters learn where John McCain and Barack Obama stand on the issues. Fit 2 Vote is a game that displays quotes from Obama and McCain's speeches. Users are asked to choose which candidate made a particular statement. The game uses the iPhone's motion sensor in a unique way -- a tilt to the left indicates the quote was made by Obama, a right tilt signals McCain. Users are declared "Fit 2 Vote" when they get 50 correct answers.

The idea behind the game is to educate voters by using words directly from the candidates themselves. Inspired Arts says it will update the questions every two weeks until the election and warns that the product is aimed at "intelligent gamers." The company says some of the quotes are rather hard to identify.

'We apologize for all those players who find it's harder than they think," the company writes, "if you want a mindless game or propaganda, please don't buy this game."

Fit 2 Vote is available at the AppStore for $1.


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