Selasa, 12 Agustus 2008

FaberAcoustical is making use of the iPhone's built-in and handset microphones with an app that measures sound levels. SoundMeter 1.0 levels in a variety of ways. Although not up to professional standards, the company says its app is "an excellent alternative to other inexpensive handheld meters for home or hobbyist use."

Sound measuring technology allows SoundMeter to measure audio with fast, slow or impulse time weighting, and peak, maximum and equivalent sound levels are also available. Users can measure levels with Flat, A or C frequency weighting.

Soundmeter is not recommended for use with the built-in microphone on the first-generation iPhone, and does not work with the iPod Touch, due to a lack of a microphone. SoundMeter is available for $20 at the AppStore.


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