Rabu, 20 Agustus 2008

iPhone 3G owners who want to run firmware hacks should not upgrade to Apple's v2.0.1 release, the unofficial iPhone Dev Team cautions. The creators of the PwnageTool note that while the update is officially meant to fix bugs, it also makes changes to the underlying baseband code, which could potentially block any future attempts to unlock an iPhone. At the least, the update undoes any jailbreaking performed with PwnageTool.

Owners of 2.5G iPhones are said to be safe, as the technology has been "pwned at every conceivable level," ensuring that later versions of PwnageTool should be able to bypass Apple code. The Dev Team reminds people however that despite the current version number of PwnageTool, it is not yet compatible with any v2.0.1 iPhones or iPods.


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