Selasa, 05 Agustus 2008

Proximi says it developed a copy and paste user interface that works systemwide on the iPhone, and is hoping Apple adopts the feature in future versions. Even if Apple chooses not to adopt its solution, the company says it's working with other iPhone developers who may wish to include it in their software. Proximi has also announced that its MagicPad word processing app -- which includes cut/paste functions -- is available at the AppStore.

One of the biggest complaints about iPhone v2.0 is that it lacks copy and paste editing. In a video prepared by Proximi, the company outlines its proposed interface, and the problems creating a single solution to work with a wide variety of applications and different cursor sizes. The video asks for suggestions on how to improve the interface with the goal of making it the systemwide standard. There are reports, however, that Apple has already added copy/paste functions to test versions of upcoming iPhone updates.

The MagicPad word processing app gives user access to the new copy/paste functions, but they only work inside the application. MagicPad 1.0 is available at the iTunes AppStore for $4.

Candidate User Interface for Copy & Paste on the iPhone from Proximi on Vimeo.


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