Kamis, 07 Agustus 2008

A number of iPhone 3G users, particularly in Canada, have been reporting a strange error when using Safari at 3G Speeds. Users receive this error message: "KCFERRORDOMAINCFNETWORK ERROR 302." Users on Apple's support pages and a variety of other forums have written about the problem.

So far, most of the postings say the error started showing up after installing the iPhone 2.01 software update. At least one user, however, complained about the issue to Rogers Wireless, and was told it was due to "network congestion." Others say the problem disappeared after restoring their iPhone software.

Rogers Wireless and its Fido subsidiary are the sole authorized provider of wireless service for the iPhone 3G, and are undoubtedly experiencing increased 3G traffic due to the new iPhone -- although its not known if congestion is the cause of the Safari error. Still, the user who says he complained about the problem claims he was given a partial refund after contacting Rogers' Sudbury, Ontario call center. The user posted three screenshots of the error message on his MobileMe page. A check of Rogers web support pages Wednesday afternoon showed no mention of the issue.


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