Jumat, 01 Agustus 2008

MailSite Software Inc. announced that it has finished its testing and verification of MailSite Fusion 9 with Apple's new iPhone 3G as well as with the original iPhone and iPod Touch running on the 2.0 firmware. MailSite Fusion 9 can successfully push email, calender and contact updates over-the-air to the iPhone without requiring any third party software to be installed on the device, using its built-in ActiveSync server. With this verification, MailSite Fusion 9 is compatible with most major smartphones available in the market today.

Mailsite Fusion 9 SE, aimed for small business', runs on low-cost 32 bit servers that includes everything required for a messaging platform. Fusion 9 SE requites no dedicated server and features licensing prices that start at half the cost of Microsoft Exchange 2007 counterparts. Licenses start at $495 per year for 20 users.

MailSite also offers Fusion 9 SP which is designed for service providers and has been field-proven to scale to over a million subscribers on a single cluster. On top of regular services, MailSite also offer anti-spam and anti-virus packages that can be added on to existing plans.


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