Minggu, 03 Agustus 2008

Videoconferencing also appears to be taking off, driven mostly by the high cost of travel stemming from the rise in fuel prices. "Given that people are interested in trying to cut travel, videoconferencing is an area thats going to grow," Heymann said.

Some of the featured vendors in the areas of videoconferencing include LifeSize Communications, Polycom, Tanberg, and Cisco.

For the first time at Interop New York, organizers are introducing an "unconference," an innovative format that tosses aside the typical speakers before a passive audience and creates a collaborative forum in which attendees list topics and then form discussion groups around each one.

The unconference at Interop New York -- which is called the Energy Camp scheduled for Sept. 16 -- will cover the growing impact of todays energy costs on ITs bottom line and the overarching importance of energy conservation and utilizing eco-friendly IT products and methods.

While not an unconference, Interop is also offering a CIO Boot Camp Sept. 15-16 that will include time with a group of been-there-done-that C-class executives from billion-dollar-plus organizations. The "CIO Posse" will share their mistakes and in personalized workshops demonstrate how these lessons apply to attendees work life.

Besides the above highlights, there will be a host of workshops covering key IT topics ranging from virtualization and disaster recovery to troubleshooting Ethernet and switched networks and understanding voice over IP.

In addition, theres a comprehensive lineup of tracks covering cloud computing, application delivery, Enterprise 2.0, green IT, software as a service, service-oriented architecture, unified communications, and much more.

With so much discussion on new technology and trends, this years Interop New York is expected to give attendees plenty of ideas to bring back to their IT organizations.

Interop 2008, a foremost business technology event tackling the biggest issues in computer networking, heads to New York in September with a strong lineup of keynotes, workshops, and other events covering the hottest IT issues, ranging from cloud computing and green IT to virtualization and videoconferencing.

The Big Apple show, Sept. 15-19, promises to be bigger than last year, with more than 250 exhibitors -- 20% more than last year -- and a 7% increase in attendees, organizers say. The shows growth reflects how companies view technology as helping to reduce costs in a weak economy.

"Theres a lot of emerging technology that can make a difference," Interop general manager Lenny Heymann said. "Theres a lot of depth this year in areas such as cloud computing, virtualization, and mobility that didnt exist last year."

Indeed, this years keynoters include Marc Benioff, chairman and chief executive of Salesforce.com. The success of Salesforce has been an important driver behind the trend among corporations to adopt the software-as-a-service model for some applications, particularly for CRM and sales and marketing management. Salesforce offers


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