Kamis, 19 Juni 2008

3 in 10 hang up on landline phones

Nearly 30% of U.S. households only have a cell phone or seldom if ever take calls on their landline phone, according to a govt survey. About 16% of households only have cell phones, while 13% also have traditional phones but get all or nearly all their calls on their cells. The number of wireless-only households has grown by 2% since the first half of last year. Underscoring the rapid growth, in early 04 just 5% had only cell phones. About a third of those under age 30 only have cell phones, the survey found.

Over half of Americans on meds

For the first time, more than half of insured Americans are taking prescription medications regularly for chronic health problems, a study by Medco Health Solutions found. Blood pressure and cholesterol drugs are the most widely used medications. One in 4 children and teenagers, 52% of adult men, and two-thirds of women age 20 and older are taking prescription drugs regularly, according to the study, which examined 2.5 mil customers from 01 to 07.

Voice-over-IP phone accounts are increasingly being targeted by hackers who steal user names and passwords to make free calls. Most VoIP carriers dont offer a secure service, the BBC reported, making it easier for a data thief to access user names and passwords when theyre sent across a network as a call is made.

Robotic squirrels, mechanical lizards and other fake animals are being used by scientists to study species in their natural environments rather than in labs. The use of fake critters is so new that few companies sell supplies that researchers can use, so scientists are developing the mechanical animals themselves. Scientists hope to better understand how animals work in groups and possibly even explain similar instinctive behaviors in humans. Coolspotters.com is the name of a new Web site that takes a Wikipedia-like approach to helping people identify and buy products that are used by celebrities or are featured in TV shows and movies. Users create or comment on pages focused on a particular show, product or celebrity. A competing site is SeenOn.com.


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