Jumat, 27 Juni 2008

Luxury handheld device accessory designer Sena Cases, this week announced a new special collection of cases exclusively for the iPhone 3G. Handmade in Europe by 'leather artisans', the new range features only the highest quality, full-grain Italian Napa leather, in a variety of fashionable colors. Expected to ship on the launch of the iPhone 3G next month, Sena is currently offering generous pre-order discounts.

The Walletskin case is a clever amalgamation of a traditional style iPhone pouch and 'landscape' flap opening wallet. Featuring four credit card pockets and a semi-transparent ID Card holder, the case is small enough to be stored in a pocket or small bag. The WalletSkin is priced at $52 (with a pre-order price of $42_.

The slightly more substantial Walletbook case boasts a more extensive array of features, including a soft velvet lining and camera, microphone and speaker openings as well as access to the iPhone touchscreen; the Walletbook also offers a more traditional 'portrait' approach. The iPhone 3G nestles securely in an enclosed case, opposite a closable cover featuring two credit card slots, and covered ID card holder. The cover clips shut to protect the iPhone when it is not in use. Priced at $52, again with a discounted pre-order price of $42, the Walletbook hopes to combine fashion, quality and practicality.

The Elega, is a fully padded, shock-absorbing pouch for the iPhone. Designed to offer 'expert protection' for an iPhone carried in a purse or briefcase, it features a velvet lining, belt clip and iPhone speaker holes to complement the slim design. Available in a vast array of colors, the Elega is priced at $40.

For those disliking the bulk of a protective case such as the Elega, Sena offers its slimmest case: the Ultra Slim Pouch. Dispensing with bulky features such as latches, belt clips or handles, the Ultra Slim Pouch is designed to be carried in a trouser or jacket pocket; it is the 'leanest' case Sena produce. With its ultra slim design and velvet lining, the Ultra Slim Pouch is priced at $30.

Bridging the gap between the opulence of the Elega case, and stark functionality of the Ultra Slim, is the Leatherskin. Comprised of thin leather that snugly encloses the body of the iPhone, the screen of the device is left visible (and fully usable), covered by a transparent rigid layer of protective plastic. It also features a velvet lining, high-end removable belt clip system, and proximity sensor, earphone and speaker holes. Normally priced at $42, Sena is currently offering the Leatherskin for $34.


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