Kamis, 26 Juni 2008

Following an early AT&T memo leak that revealed many details, a new memo is coaching Apple retail employees on how to deal with common questions relating to the iPhone 3G, a leak indicates. The three-page document addresses 17 potential situations, for instance telling managers that they cannot allow holds on 3Gs, or create waiting lists. Until further notice, Apple workers also cannot schedule an iPhone Personal Shopping session, although corporate buyers can arrange to buy several 3Gs at a time through AT&T, so long as they have a CRU/IRU plan.

Regarding the iPod touch, which competes in several ways with the iPhone, workers are being told to say that it has the advantage of being contract-free, and that if someone asks whether Apple will lower the price on the Touch, they should answer with "Not that I am aware of."

Apple staff are in fact being asked to be vague on a number of questions, such as in-store activation, for which workers are expected to tell customers that they "don't have any details at this time about activation." Similarly, staff are expected to ask direct people to AT&T on many pricing issues, such as voice and data roaming, and upgrading from a previous phone or contract. Technically, customers are required to sign a new two-year contract when they buy an iPhone.

Firmer answers to iPhone questions are rumored to be coming on July 6th, when meetings are expected to be held worldwide to brief stores on launch procedures. One earlier memo has suggested that doors will open at 8AM, while another has pointed to possible subscription rates and activation procedures.


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