Jumat, 27 Juni 2008

LISBON (Reuters) - Microsoft (MSFT.O) has agreed to buy Portuguese mobile software company MobiComp in the U.S. software giants biggest-ever investment in Portugal, Microsofts chief in Portugal said on Thursday.

Microsofts head in Portugal, Nuno Duarte, said Microsoft intends to turn MobiComp into a research and development unit in Portugal after the acquisition. He gave no financial details of the purchase other than that it was Microsofts biggest investment in Portugal to date.

"This is clearly the biggest investment Microsoft has made in Portugal in recent years," Nuno told journalists. "MobiComp will and R&D centre of Microsofts mobile communications division."

MobiComp produces software that can store content, such as contacts and calendars, held on mobile phones, and has a tool to enhance mobile social networking to Internet sites like Facebook.

Finlands Nokia (NOK1V.HE), the worlds largest mobile phone maker, is among MobiComps clients.

(Reporting by Ruben Bicho; writing by Axel Bugge; editing by Sue Thomas)


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