Jumat, 27 Juni 2008

Microsoft Taiwan, mobile phone maker High Tech Computer (HTC) and several other companies on Thursday announced a mobile Internet service station in Taiwan called Pl@net.

The mobile Internet service platform puts a host of entertainment and shopping options in users hands via their mobile phone, including news, travel planning and purchase, as well as concert tickets and content from Warner Music.

Several Internet shops well-known in Taiwan also signed on to Pl@net, including an online bookstore run by Eslite and the HappyGoCard, a shopping discount and point card.

Pl@net formally launches on July 1.

HTC also announced the release of HTC My Connect 2.0, a new version of mobile software that puts a button on a handsets touchscreen that users push for quick software downloads, to share pictures, and more. One button on My Connect sends users right in the services and entertainment offered on Pl@net.

HTC is the worlds largest maker of smartphones based on the Microsoft Windows Mobile OS.


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