Sabtu, 17 Mei 2008

Phones may aid in medical scans

Researchers have proposed combining cell phones with handheld scanners to enable doctors and medical staff in remote regions to conduct ultrasounds and other medical imaging. Roughly 75% of the worlds population lives in areas without such costly, high-tech medical equipment. Researchers have proposed integrating scanners into mobile phones. The scanners would transmit data to medical centers where computers would decipher the data and transmit images back by phone to medical personnel. Israeli scientists demonstrated one such scanner that was able to detect a tumor.

Painkiller may cut dementia risk

People who took ibuprofen for more than five years had a 40% lower risk of developing Alzheimers disease and other forms of dementia, a study by Boston Univ. found. The researchers looked at data from more than 250,000 veterans. Alzheimers disease has been linked to inflammation, and the scientists believe anti-inflammatory drugs might help to delay the onset of the disease.

New York City health inspectors began issuing violations to restaurants that did not have calorie counts posted on their menu boards. The calorie-count requirement involves 2,000 restaurants, or 10% of eateries in the city. The requirement covers restaurants with more than 15 outlets nationwide.

A high-fat diet can reduce seizures among children whose epilepsy doesnt respond well to drug therapy, says a study by the U.K.s Univ. College London. The study lends support to a regimen, known as the ketogenic diet, thats been used since the 1920s, but is rejected by many doctors. Experts have called for more work to determine exactly how the diet helps. Staying healthy and happy is a struggle for half of Americans, a poll by Gallup suggests. The survey of 100,000 people shows 47% of Americans are "struggling" and 4% "suffering." Meanwhile, 83% of people in Denmark are classified as "thriving" vs. 1% who are "suffering." On the health front, the U.S. system ranks No. 37, according to the survey.


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