Selasa, 27 Mei 2008

The iPhone and iPod touch may eventually have custom applications tailored to merchants they visit, a published Apple patent filing hints. As detailed by AppleInsider, the proposed concept calls for a local wired or wireless network at a business, with one or more routers such as an AirPort Extreme. Somewhere on site would be a central server, offering custom information and applications for Apple "media devices" that enter wireless range. "For example, assuming the establishment is a restaurant, local server may provide a menu to media device," the filing reads.

Such a menu could let users not only place an order, but have their eating preferences saved, so that the server or device eliminates items from a menu which conflict with medical issues or personal tastes. "Reward" meals could even be assigned to customers, based on factors like eating habits or recorded exercise or health levels.

Possibilities for other businesses include broadcasting the likes of ads, event calendars and product information, or music, in a manner similar to that begun with Starbucks. At movies and concerts however people could additionally buy tickets and soundtracks, or even receive material such as directors' commentaries or foreign-language translations.

At larger businesses such as zoos or theme parks, people could download maps, or locate missing children as long as they have their own media devices. Similar services could be offered at transporation hubs such as train stations, with the addition of items like city information. At a grocery store, a device could store flyers, shopping lists, recipes or recommended foods.

The patent application was originally submitted in November of 2006, as is credited to Apple worker Michael Rosenblatt.


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