Selasa, 27 Mei 2008

Program keeps medical info handy

Software installed on cell phones provides first responders basic medical information such as blood type, medications, allergies and emergency contacts. The application appears as an emergency logo on the screen of the users cell phone, and it helps paramedics find the persons medical history in case of emergency, even in areas without cellular reception. The software was created by developer MyRapidMD in Calif. If the phone is broken, emergency workers can call an 800 number and access data remotely.

Rocket man steps closer to reality

A jet-powered wing strapped to Swiss pilot Yves Rossy has taken him a step closer to being like the rocket man of comic book lore. Rossy demonstrated his creation by jumping from a plane over the Alps and performing a series of aerial maneuvers at speeds of up to 186 mph during a 5-minute flight. The rigid 8-foot wings are outfitted with 4 model aircraft jet engines, and the pilot leans his body to change direction. Rossy plans to fly across the English Channel this year.

Text messages are providing regular reminders to teens to take their medication in a pilot program at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital. Doctors say teens often do a lousy job of taking prescription drugs for chronic illnesses. As few as 30% of asthmatic teens correctly take medication to prevent asthma attacks. Teens in the program say they text a lot and the reminders are working.

Air polluted with small particulates may cause blood clots in the legs, says a Harvard Univ. study. The study found the risk of deep vein thrombosis rose by 70% for every increase in particulate matter of 10 micrograms per square meter. Sources of the particulate matter include vehicle exhaust and the burning of fossil fuels. 1 in 5 teenagers in London have had their cell phone or MP3 player stolen, a study found. Two-thirds of surveyed teenagers said they carried at least $200 worth of electronics with them, and 61% said they were concerned about theft. Many thefts are related to bullying, experts say. Nearly half of those who had been the victims of theft said they didnt report the crime to police, the Guardian newspaper reported.


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