Sabtu, 31 Mei 2008

iPod accessory manufacturer Mophie today unveiled the Ratchet 360� Belt Clip Swivel case for the iPhone, iPod touch, 3G Nano and Classic. The case includes a Base Case silicone sleeve, which the Ratchet then tightly grips from the sides, and pivots to store the device at any angle. Mophie offers the Ratchet 360� in two color combinations: pink/black, and grey/black, with a clear Base Case. It is currently selling for $20 for the iPod nano and Classic, while the iPhone and Touch model sell for $30.

�With Ratchet, we�ve given consumers a wide array of options to carry their iPods and iPhones,� said Ross Howe, Sales and Product Development Director for mStation and mophie. �You can clip it to your belt, pocket, backpack, etc. providing easy access to your media no matter what you�re doing, and because the Ratchet and Base Case are designed for each other, you never have to remove your iPod from one to use the other.�


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