Minggu, 27 Juli 2008

Boomwave and ivyskin have recently announced new cases for the iPhone 3G. Boomwave is offering leather-based cases, while ivyskin is providing polycarbonate/polysilicone protection. Boomwave has two new products in its KRUZ series, the KRUZ Faux Leather Hardcase ($24) and the KRUZ Cowhide Leather Softcase ($28). ivyskin is offering the XyloT3 ($35) and XyloDuo ($30) cases and a screen protector, the XyloReflect ($15).

Boomwave's KRUZ Faux Leather Hardcase is faux leather embossed with ABS laser designs. It is available in black, white and red and comes with a screen protector.

The Cowhide Leather Softcase is made of black top-grain leather with either red or white embroidered designs. It includes a screen protector and a dual hook attachment.

ivyskin features polycarbonate- and silicone-based cases. The XyloT3 offers 100-percent coverage clear-carbonate case for the iPhone 3G featuring a touch-pass-through screen-cover system.

The XyloDuo case is a polished silicone case with an integrated screen protector. It also has a 360-degree holster clip, and is available in five colors.

The XyloReflect is a polycarbonate screen protector with full reflectivity when the iPhone is not in use, yet full view of the screen when the iPhone is on.


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