Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010

It ain't the first hearing aid to sport Bluetooth, but it's probably
the first one to make you think seriously about tossing that Loud N'
Clear you purchased in a haze at 3:30AM last year. Operating on the
2.4GHz frequency, the ReSound Alera (and the accompanying Unite
wireless accessories) actually allow those who are hard of hearing to
pipe in audio from TVs, stereos, cellphones and PCs without any funky
cables or fancy setup procedures. Better still, there's no blockage of
environmental noise, so folks can continue yelling speaking to their
grandkids while Judge Judy tears someone's soul apart in their left
ear canal. There's nary a mention of price (we're guessing that
doesn't bode well for bargain shoppers), but there's certainly a
demonstration vid hosted up after the break. Just make sure to jack
the volume to 11, cool?

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