Jumat, 25 April 2008

Having finally overcome some unexpected obstacles, an early Windows version of the Mac's PwnageTool hacking software has been released. Dubbed WinPwn, the software is in a v0.99.1 beta version, and does not currently support the creation of IPSW files based on iPhone 2.0 firmware. Users can, however, flash their iPhones/iPod touches with v2.0 IPSWs created by PwnageTool. Other temporarily missing features include the ability to unlock a baseband receiver.

WinPwn's developer cautions that because the software is in beta, installing and using it may be risky, potentially forcing a complete restore of an iPhone or Touch during which user content could be deleted. The software also requires iTunesMobileDevice.dll, and a pre-existing installation of Apple's v1.1.4 firmware.


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