Rabu, 30 April 2008

DLO has updated its TransDock line of FM transmitters, which stream iPod audio through a car's stereo deck while keeping the player's battery charged. The focus of the lineup is on the standard TransDock, which cradles iPods while allowing repositioning through a flexible neck. Although the dock has been redesigned to match the aesthetics of newer iPods such as the Touch, the major new feature is "IntelliTune" technology, which automatically seeks the clearest frequency and prompts the listener to tune into it. Owners can additionally output video to an in-car display, or connect various other audio players via an auxiliary input jack. The TransDock costs $100, and is compatible with any iPod featuring a color screen.

The TransDock micro is effectively similar to its siblings, but omits both the cradle and its extra connections, leaving users to tune through a remote integrated into the power jack. The Micro costs $60.

The TransDock Classic is based on DLO's earlier TransPod, but like the other TransDocks, has been updated with both IntelliTune and modern iPod compatibility. The Classic differs from the regular TransDock by omitting a neck, and substituting the AV output for an audio-only option. It is priced at $80.


TransDock micro

TransDock Classic


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