Senin, 17 Maret 2008

The 13-year-old software developer behind the open source 'iJailBreak' utility has released iJailBreak 0.4, an update to the software that allows iPhone and iPod touch users on jailbroken versions of firmware 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 to automatically update to and jailbreak the newly released 1.1.3 firmware. Users who currently have the previous version if iJailBreak installed should be notified of the new release and offered the ability to automatically update. iJailBreak is available from Google Code, with information available at Late last week, the iPhone 1.1.3 jailbreak was publicly released (along with Mac and Windows versions of the utilities).

New to iJailBreak 0.4 is the iJailBreak News Flash section of the utility, which provides a tip or new packages to download.

The jailbreak process requires users to start on a jailbroken 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 device, and suggests that users with non-jailbroken 1.1.1 installations visit to begin the process. Users with iPhone firmware 1.1.2 need to downgrade to 1.1.1 by following instructions posted at Downgraded iPhones will appear deactivated, however the author is quick to note that jailbreaking the device will 're-activate' the iPhone.

"The actual jailbreaking process goes as follows: connect your device to your computer, open iJailBreak and click on the Jailbreak icon. Once iJailBreak tells you that it is finished, go into Settings->General on your device and set Auto-Lock to Never. Next, open and install the '1.1.3 Soft Upgrade' package," AriX writes.

"This installation can take some time - maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Leaving your device alone at this point is fine and is encouraged. Once the installation is complete, the device should reboot. If your device hasn't rebooted automatically after 15 minutes, it's safe to reboot it manually. Your device will then boot into your new 1.1.3 installation."

All third-party applications are removed during this process, however their settings are left intact which will preserve any preferences or high scores once users reinstall the third-party applications.

What's more, iPod touch users will automatically receive the 'Software Upgrade' which normally costs $20. The update process is entirely legal, according to AriX, and is installed for free as part of the jailbreak procedure.


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